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Place of interest

* Raksha Kalimata Temple
* Sri Sri Rajrajeshwari Mata Temple at S.C Chaterjee Street
* Konnagar Raj Rajeshwari Math (Math of Sankaracharya)
* Brahma Swamaz Ghatt
* Baromandir Ghat
* Mosque
* Gour Dham (House of Sib Chandra Deb)
* Bagan Bari of Maharshi Debendra Nath Thakur
* Ancestor home of Rishi Arabinda Ghosh
* Kali Temple of Manasha Tala
* Hari Shabha


Apart from the usual festivals in rural Bengal two festivals of specialty takes place in Konnagar, which are:

* Sakuntala Rakhsha Kalimata Puja & fair.
* Sri Sri Raj Rajeshwari mata Puja & Fair. It has a history of more than 300 years.

Climatic Data

Konnagar Municipality is a tropical humid zone having mainly marked three season; summer (5 months), Rainy season (4 months) and rest Winter. Atmospheric temperature generally goes maximum 40 0 C and dipping minimum to10/ 110 C. Rainfall quantity is about 1650 mm / year. (From May to Oct. 1485 mm).

Soil & Ground Water

Soil, mainly alluvial in nature. Ground water level struck at a depth varying from 1.5-3 mtrs through out the year, depending on weather variation.