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Municipal Services

All the Municipalities are currently offering those services to the citizens that fall under the purview of the West Bengal Municipal Act. There are around 18 departments through which these services are offered. Municipalities which are bigger in size have different departments for each of these services, while the smaller municipalities offer 2 or more services through one department. These services can be summarized in the following table.


Renewal of License

Sl. No. Department  Services  Target Audience  Current Delivery Channel Current Status % Comp. 


Assessment Department

 Demand Bill    Through Department  Partly Computerized  12.5%
     Interim Assessment    Through Department  Partly Computerized  12.5%
     Mutation    Through Department  Partly Computerized  12.5%
     Amalgamation    Through Department  Partly Computerized  12.5%
     Issue of Certificates    Through Department  Partly Computerized  12.5%
     Corrections & Rectifications    Through Department  Partly Computerized  12.5%


Collection Department

Collection of Property Tax   Through Department & Tax Collecting Sarkars Partly Computerized    35%



Enlistment of Trade    Through Department  Partly Computerized   15%
     Issue of Trade/Food License    Through Department Partly Computerized   15%
    Renewal of License    Through Department  Partly Computerized   15%
    Collection of Market Rents & Advertisement Tax   Through Department & Rent Collecting Sarkars Not Computerized     0%