>>> Supply,fittin & Fixing of Hand Tube wells at w 5,15,16,17,18  under Konnagar,Tender ID : 2022_MAD_409976_1 to 5,visit wbtenders.gov.in

>>>Supply, Fitting , Fixing of USG Color Doppler machine for Konnagar Matri Sadan O Sihu Mangal Pratishthan, Konnagar-Hooghly Tender ID : 2022_MAD_408215_1




>>> Supply, Fitting ,Fixing of Immuno Assay Analyzer for POC Parameters Testing for ICU unit of Konnagar Matri Sadan O Sihu Mangal Pratishthan, Konnagar Hooghly Tender ID 2022_MAD_397064_2


 >>>Construction of Community Toilet & Public Toilet at vairous wards of Konnagar Municipality. For More Detail see NIT.


>>>Prepare and submission of DPR for electrical crematorium with public rest room in konnagar Municipality ,Tender ID : 2022_MAD_378310_1 ,visit wbtenders.gov.in


>>> Laying of DI Pipes at various location under Konnagar,Tender ID : 2022_MAD_377941_1 to 6,visit wbtenders.gov.in


>>>Renovation and Interior Lighting arrangements  of Urban Health & Wellness Center JLN Sarani Konnagar Municipality ward 1 Tender ID : 2022_MAD_376847_1 to 2 ,visit wbtenders.gov.in


>>>Construction of brick surface nikashi drain at various ward Konnagar Municipality Tender ID : 2022_MAD_377941_1 to 6
,visit wbtenders.gov.in


 >>>Construction of Community Toilet & Public Toilet at vairous wards of Konnagar Municipality. For More Detail see NIT.









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Mothers and aunts are present as amusing and anxious onlookers when the servants toss him into the pond to teach him to swim. The historical book “Jorashakor Dhare” published by Visva Bharati written by Abanindranath Tagore, where we found that he learned to draw the picture of hut very first time in his life.

So we think that the legend master artist was inspired about the painting in his childhood from this “Bagan Bari”.

The rural cocoon, however, is broken almost as soon as it is imagined. Into Abanindranath's childhood idyll comes "a terrible night which destroyed our lives in an instant" and permanently severed his connection to the garden-house: the death of his father. Displaced from one juvenile geography into another, Abanindranath moves to the city and urban schools. He has no idea what became of the animals at the garden house, and harbors a guilty sense of having abandoned them. He writes: "It is as if a curtain descended between that life and the life that came after, and remained in place for a long time." He notes, also, that his mother would become panic-stricken at any mention of that old life. He has deleted this last observation in his memoirs, but it is still legible in the manuscript. This intimate geography of the rural home, with its animals, intact family, utopic Bengaliness and financial security is in some ways like Kipling's boyhood, disrupted and compulsively recreated76 precisely because certain kinds imagination are possible in fiction that, articulated as memory, would rupture the fabric of a colonial reality

We found that the greatest poet Rabindranath Tagore had the connection with this Bagan Bari. He used to visit there with his family to spend some time to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. He had taken the idea of some stories from this Bagan Bari , which was mentioned in his biography.