>> " Construction of Bituminous road and concrete road various ward konnagar Municipality 2019_MAD_242093_1 to 6;2019_MAD_242139_1 to 5;2019_MAD_242192_1 to 6"

>>"Supplying of FRP Slider bench,sea saw 4,Vidyasagar statue,Angular panel e.t.c under konnagar municipality Tender_ID : 2019_MAD_222457_1 to 7

>>"Internal Pathway, Sitting arrangement, Boundary Wall, Entrance Gate,Plantation, Water supply & Restoration of Water body under konnagar Municipality" Tender_ID : 2019_MAD_217182_1 to 10

>>"Construction and maintaince of  CCTV camera indoor and outdoor under konnagar municipality" Tender_ID : 2018_MAD_188524_11

>>"Construction of sulav medical store sampriti at ward 06 under konnagar municipality" Tender_ID :2019_MAD_211640_1




>>"supply Fitting Fixing of 16 Mtr high MAST(18 Nos) with LED street Light Konnagar Municipality" Tender ID 2019_MAD_210831_1 Dt. 30.01.2019

>>"Supply Fitting Fixing of Deep Tube Well Ward no. 13 Konnagar Municipality" Tender ID 2018_MAD_195999_1 Dt. 06.11.2018

>> "Construction of Bituminous Road various wards Konnagar Municipality" Tender ID 2018_MAD_195854_1 to 15 Dt. 06.11.2018

>>"Supply fitting,Fixing LED Street light and octagonal pole under Green City Mission Tender ID 188524_8 to 10 Dt. 05.11.2018"

>>“Supply, Installation, Fitting & Fixing of 1 (One) no of OTIS Electric Elevator with 5 persons carrying capacity at Konnagar Municipality Main office 73, G T Road (WEST), Konnagar-Hooghly-712235Tender ID 2018_MAD_192616_2 ,Dt 05.11.2018

 >>Supply,fitting and installation of 900 (Nine Hundred) Nos of HDPE Chairs in Aluminium stand for Rabindra Bhawan Konnagar Municipality Tender ID 2018_MAD_188341_1,Notice Inviting e-tender no- MAD/KONNAGAR MUNICIPALITY/18-19/004, Dt: 30.08.2018

  >>Supply,fitting,fixing of Led Street Light  and CCTV Camera under Green City Mission Tender ID 2018_MAD_188524_1 to 7,Notice Inviting e-tender no- MAD/KONNAGAR MUNICIPALITY/18-19/006, Dt: 31.08.2018

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Konnagar Matri Sadan & Sishumangal


Konnagar Matri Sadan & Sishumangal Doctor's List



DOCTOR’S NAME Department
Dr.D. Dhamali Dental
Dr.R. Goswami Dental
Dr.Nupur Dutta Ortho
Dr.Motilal Chatterjee Skin
Dr. R. Chaturbedi E.N.T
Dr.R.M.Ghosh(M.D) Medical & Cardiology
Dr. Kaushik Dutta(M.D) Medical & Cardiology
Dr. S Modak Medical & Cardiology
Dr. S Banerjee Eye
Dr. K.K. Roy Eye
Dr. Abhijit Dutta Eye
Dr. A Chatterjee Child
Dr. S.K Sarkar Child
Dr. M.Gupta Child
Dr. (Mrs.)S.Banerjee Obsterical
Dr. Ahin Ash Obsterical
Dr. Priyanka Anjelina Xess Obsterical
Dr. A Chakraborty Eye Power
Dr. L.N. Das Homeopathy
Dr. Siddhartha Datta Surgery