>> " Construction of G + 1 Municipal building named vidyasagar bhavan at SC Deb street 2019_MAD_247242_2"

>> " Construction of Bituminous road and concrete road various ward konnagar Municipality 2019_MAD_242093_1 to 6;2019_MAD_242139_1 to 5;2019_MAD_242192_1 to 6"

>>"Supplying of FRP Slider bench,sea saw 4,Vidyasagar statue,Angular panel e.t.c under konnagar municipality Tender_ID : 2019_MAD_222457_1 to 7

>>"Internal Pathway, Sitting arrangement, Boundary Wall, Entrance Gate,Plantation, Water supply & Restoration of Water body under konnagar Municipality" Tender_ID : 2019_MAD_217182_1 to 10

>>"Construction and maintaince of  CCTV camera indoor and outdoor under konnagar municipality" Tender_ID : 2018_MAD_188524_11





>>"supply Fitting Fixing of 16 Mtr high MAST(18 Nos) with LED street Light Konnagar Municipality" Tender ID 2019_MAD_210831_1 Dt. 30.01.2019

>>"Supply Fitting Fixing of Deep Tube Well Ward no. 13 Konnagar Municipality" Tender ID 2018_MAD_195999_1 Dt. 06.11.2018

>> "Construction of Bituminous Road various wards Konnagar Municipality" Tender ID 2018_MAD_195854_1 to 15 Dt. 06.11.2018

>>"Supply fitting,Fixing LED Street light and octagonal pole under Green City Mission Tender ID 188524_8 to 10 Dt. 05.11.2018"

>>“Supply, Installation, Fitting & Fixing of 1 (One) no of OTIS Electric Elevator with 5 persons carrying capacity at Konnagar Municipality Main office 73, G T Road (WEST), Konnagar-Hooghly-712235Tender ID 2018_MAD_192616_2 ,Dt 05.11.2018

 >>Supply,fitting and installation of 900 (Nine Hundred) Nos of HDPE Chairs in Aluminium stand for Rabindra Bhawan Konnagar Municipality Tender ID 2018_MAD_188341_1,Notice Inviting e-tender no- MAD/KONNAGAR MUNICIPALITY/18-19/004, Dt: 30.08.2018

  >>Supply,fitting,fixing of Led Street Light  and CCTV Camera under Green City Mission Tender ID 2018_MAD_188524_1 to 7,Notice Inviting e-tender no- MAD/KONNAGAR MUNICIPALITY/18-19/006, Dt: 31.08.2018

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                                          Old Culture & Festivals

  Ckarak Mela (Fair):- At Charaktala located on Arabinda Road and Dwadas Mandir Ghat (Twelve Temple of Lord Shiva) on the bank of River Hooghly.

 Raj Rajeswari Puja:-  315 years old (Worship of Goddess Raj Rajeswari Devi) is observed even today.

 Jagatguru Shankaracharya Temple: Beside G.T. Road (East).

100 years old Sree Sree Shakuntala Raksha Kali Temple is an important place at Konnagar.  

                                    Other Cultural Events at KONNAGAR

 Most important is Book Fair & Flower Show, it is organized by Municipality. Cultural Function by Artists including Folk Artists is performed on this occasion.

 On the occasion of Birthday of Rabindranath songs in procession through the streets are sung in the early morning. In the evening Cultural soiree is organized.

  Najrul Jayanti (Najrul’s Birthday)  

 Basontotsav (Holi)

 Observing Language Day, Shibchandra Birthday, Environmental Day etc. Through Art Competition and plantation of trees.


 Every year Football Competition at various levels, encouraging the players.  Football Competition amongst the employees of the Municipality, walking competition of the Senior Citizen etc.  


 Construction of Vivek Gyan Bhaban for students

 Organising Seminars at the N.D. Bose Memorial Hall (AC) 

Beside Educational Tours with different schools students free of cost are organized.

 Honouring  Vidyashree to the successful students in Secondary & Higher Secondary examination.