>>> Supply,fittin & Fixing of Hand Tube wells at w 5,15,16,17,18  under Konnagar,Tender ID : 2022_MAD_409976_1 to 5,visit wbtenders.gov.in

>>>Supply, Fitting , Fixing of USG Color Doppler machine for Konnagar Matri Sadan O Sihu Mangal Pratishthan, Konnagar-Hooghly Tender ID : 2022_MAD_408215_1




>>> Supply, Fitting ,Fixing of Immuno Assay Analyzer for POC Parameters Testing for ICU unit of Konnagar Matri Sadan O Sihu Mangal Pratishthan, Konnagar Hooghly Tender ID 2022_MAD_397064_2


 >>>Construction of Community Toilet & Public Toilet at vairous wards of Konnagar Municipality. For More Detail see NIT.


>>>Prepare and submission of DPR for electrical crematorium with public rest room in konnagar Municipality ,Tender ID : 2022_MAD_378310_1 ,visit wbtenders.gov.in


>>> Laying of DI Pipes at various location under Konnagar,Tender ID : 2022_MAD_377941_1 to 6,visit wbtenders.gov.in


>>>Renovation and Interior Lighting arrangements  of Urban Health & Wellness Center JLN Sarani Konnagar Municipality ward 1 Tender ID : 2022_MAD_376847_1 to 2 ,visit wbtenders.gov.in


>>>Construction of brick surface nikashi drain at various ward Konnagar Municipality Tender ID : 2022_MAD_377941_1 to 6
,visit wbtenders.gov.in


 >>>Construction of Community Toilet & Public Toilet at vairous wards of Konnagar Municipality. For More Detail see NIT.







 Complete overall
repairing & maintenance &
Replacement of damaged MS Plate
of existing Weight Bridge & Supply,
Fitting & Fixing of 1no. new 1 Ton
capacity Weighbridge for T-Cycle
weight at JICA Compost Plant E-Tender ID: 2022_MAD_438776_1 - 3


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Vision & Objective 


Konnagar Municipality intends to transform itself into an area under its jurisdiction into an environmentally clean & sustainable green urban area through improving solid waste management system, sewerage disposal system, water treatment and all types of pollution control. We want to give the people of Konnagar an assurance of equitable access to good infrastructure and better health facilities. An area where minimum poverty will persist. Improved livelihood such as good & hygienic health, safe drinking water, primary education for removing illiteracy for better knowledge up to Madhyamik (mainly for BPL families) will be our motto. Employment generation will be guaranteed through setting up hi-tech industries (with national / foreign investment) through some private and public intervention and also encouraging self-employed activities.

Slum Improvement:

Safe drinking water supply will be ensured to all slum dwellers. Quality of water of tank , canal, lake etc. to be improved for uses other than drinking purposes. Development of safe and hygienic sanitary system and efficient drainage system will be ensured. Improving solid waste disposal system by introducing door to door (daily) collection with segregations of bio-degradable and non-degradable waste. There should also be ensured adequate street lighting as per need. To ensure better health, existing hospitals/ health centers must be improved with all facilities. Absence of sufficient secondary schools is the main reason to quit education after class 8. Schools must be there for spreading literacy among students of Konnagar area. “Child labour” concept must be demolished. Each slum pocket will be provided with adequate food and better environment so that every child is encouraged in going to school instead of being a child labour.