Demographic Details
Initiation of the Municipality 16th January, 1944
Founder, Chairman Late Nrisinghadas Basu
Founder, Vice-Chairman Late Nanigopal Basu

In East, river Ganga  In the west, the west side of the Eastern Railway In North, Rishra Municipality 
In North, Uttarpara-Kotrang Municipality

Area 4.32 Sq. Km Ponds 16 Nos. ( Own)
Ward 19 Nos Ferry Ghat 1 No
Population 80,000(Approx) Primary School

4 Nos. ( Own )

Total Holding 15500 Child Library 1 No. (Own)
Officers & Clerks 270 Nos Pucca Road & Brick Pavement 150 K.M
Temporary Staff 60 Nos Kuncha Road 9 K.M
Parks 10 Nos Pucca Drain 120 K.M
Crematorium 3 Nos Rabindra Bhawban 1
Pipe Line

140 K.M

Under Ground Drain 2 K.M
Lamp Post: 3300 Nos. Graveyard (Kabar Sthan):- 2 Nos
Trenching Ground 1 No Over Head Water Tank 2 Nos
Deep Tube well 19 Nos Garbage Carrying Tractor 6 Nos
Cycle 4 Nos. Under Ground Water Ground 2 No
Tube Well 330 Nos. n Garbage Carrying Rickshaw Van 40Nos
Motor Car 1 Supply Water Taps 420 Nos
Ambulance 2 Nos Road Roller (8 to10 ton) 2 Nos
Town Hall 1 No Hospital 1 No
Tractor 5 Nos Milk Depot 2 Nos
Community Hall 1 No. Cesspool 2 No.
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