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Welcome to Konnagar Municipality

Konnagar has a rich old history dating back to 15th century. Mention of Konnagar was found in ancient as well as modern literature. It has many institutions of pride & heritage e.g Konnagar High School (established in 1854), Konnagar Hindu Girls’ High School (established in 1860), Konnagar Public Library & Free Reading Room (established in 1858), Brambho Samaj (established in 1879) & some others like this, founded by a great man, Sri Shibchandra Dev, a product of the Young Bengal. With his tireless effort Konnagar post office was established and also Konnagar Railway Station. Konnagar is proud of the fact that it is the ancestral abode of Rishi Aurobindo.

At the time of independence, Konnagar was a thinly populated urban town /village. After independence due to the surge of displaced person from East Pakistan its population increased geometrically. The present population is 75,813 as on 2006. The division of male female proportion is 1: It is to note that the total households are 14818. Out of which, division of Hindu, Muslim & other are respectively 12150, 387 & 2281.


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