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In Hooghly district, Konnagar is, situated on the western bank of river Ganges. We find mention of Konnagar in ‘Chandimangal’ of Kabi Kankan Mukundaram & ‘Manashamangal’ of Bipradas Peeply. ‘Chandimangal’ was written sometime in 8th decade of 16th century from which it can be deduced that the age of Konnagar is now more that 600 years. Mention of Konnagar is also found in the writings of BankimChandra & Rabindranath. Konnagar is fortunate to have a great man of Maharshi Shibchandra Dev’s stature who is considered to be founder of the modern Konnagar. Maharshi Devendranath Tagore had once came here with Rabindranath Tagore in his boyhood to visit Shibchandra Deb’s house at Konnagar. Konnagar is again very fortunate to have the footprints of Sri Sri Ramkrishna Deb apart from many other stalwarts in 20th Century.

Year of Establishment of the Municipality

In 1865, Serampore –Uttarpara Municipality was formed in which present municipal area of Konnagarwas included. In 1916, Rishra Konnagar Municipality was formed separately. In the 30 ‘s of the 20th century electrification of the roads of Konnagar Rishra came into existence.
On 16th January 1944, Konnagar Municipality was established, with its nominated board headed by Sri Nrishingha Das Basu as Chairman.

Administrative Boundaries

Konnagar is bounded by river Bhagirathi in the East and eastern railway line & Rainal Canal in the west. In the North, Rishra Municipality is separated by Bagkhal and in the South, Uttarpara –Kotrang municipality is separated by Amratala Khal.


Konnagar has a well-knit connection with the remaining parts of the country through rail, road & so also river. Calcutta & Haldia Port is well connected by road network. Calcutta Airport is connected by roads. By early 2007, the Calcutta airport will be within 15 k.m through a very modern road & bridge network diminishing the travel time nearly to half an hour.

Economic Base

Economic base of the K.M population is mainly on service sector. Some 10/ 15 % are dependent on industry within K.M and neighbourhood.
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